My Story

  Colette Gunnell Scentsy Co-Founder and SuperStar Director of the STELLAR STARS FOUNDATION TEAM. I know you will love all of Scentsy’s wonderful Products and I invite you to take advantage of the Magnifi-Scent Business Opportunity that Scentsy has to offer.  Scentsy has truly blessed and changed my life.  As one of the Co-founders of Scentsy, It has been such a thrill to watch Scentsy grow from a little section down in my un-finished basement to what a wonderful company it is today!  Our STELLAR STARS Team really is built with STARS!!! You will absolutely LOVE sharing "The Hottest New Candles on the Market" with many others. Our Candles really Have NO is so rewarding to help others discover that they too can have a great smelling candle that has No Wick, No Flame, No Smoke, and No Soot.  Contact me and you too can be apart of a “Industry Leading, World Class Company”. If you decide to sign up to start your own Scentsy business on the Stellar Stars Team, as your sponsor, I will do everything I can to help you along your journey!!!  I will provide the support and help you need to create your own successful Scentsy Business!!  I am also very excited that Scentsy is currently in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Spain and Mexico. I would love to talk to you more about this opportunity and have you part of my Team!  Please E-mail me or call me and I will send you additional information on becoming a Scentsy Consultant.   E-mail me at: or Call me at: 801-510-6125.